Hey there! I’m Stan and I am a masters student in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. I work on information diffusion in networks with Prof. Devavrat Shah at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems at MIT and Bano Banerjee at Twitter. Previously, I studied mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science as an undergraduate at MIT.The two focal points of my work at the moment are:

  • Understanding and building intelligent, adaptive complex systems.
  • Developing systems to aid creative discovery in mathematics, science, engineering and art.

I got my first taste of programming at Stuyvesant High School when I was 14 trying to wrap my head around recursion in Scheme and making turtles move around in NetLogo.

I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve worked on

and various other side/class/research projects.

Some of my work has been featured in the press:

MIT Mobile Autonomous Vision-Based Robot

Predicting Trending Topics on Twitter


I sometimes write in my blog. I also took some classes at MIT.

My Erdős number is <= 3.

At MIT, I lived on putz, the second floor of the west parallel of the East Campus dormitory.  There I was surrounded by hackers, makers, artists, scientists and many other awesome people who defy categorization.

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