Can One Hear the Shape of a Trend? (aka Music of the (Twitter)Spheres)
I sonified the process of a topic spreading from person to person on Twitter. The resulting notes represent the natural frequencies that characterize the “shape” of the evolving network of users participating in a topic.

Information Diffusion on Twitter
I tracked and visualized how topics spread on Twitter implicitly from person to person by using the timing of the tweets and the follow graph.

Control of Underactuated Vehicular Traffic

When self-driving robotic cars begin to share the road with regular cars, could we control the robotic cars to smooth out traffic jams? I did a numerical and theoretical study of vehicle traffic dynamics and control policies that smooth traffic even when controlling only a fraction of the vehicles.

Structure Formation in Microtubule Networks
Large-scale simulation of axonal microtubule network structure formation. Got to play wiht Monte-Carlo methods, sampling algorithms, large-scale collision detection, and network visualization.

Principal Component Landscapes
Renderings of principal components handwritten ‘2’s as landscapes
MASLAB (MIT Mobile Autonomous Vision-Based Robotics Competition)
Cortical Learning Algorithms at Numenta
I worked on Numenta’s Cortical Learning Algorithms. Prototyped and evaluated machine learning algorithms based on the structure and function of the neocortex, specifically online unsupevised visual feature learning, and wrote a system for interactive 3D visualization of experiment runs.

A Nonparametric Method for Early Detection of Twitter Trends

Semi-Supervised Shape Classification with Manifold Regularization
Shape classification using manifold regularization.

Probabilistic Model of Signal Onset Detection
Statistical simulations of signal onset detection in the presence of noise. Modeled detection as a random walk with drift crossing a threshold. Model explained two paradoxes in the human time perception literature.

Computer Graphics and Animation Engine
3D computer graphics and animation engine in Java from scratch. Line drawing, curve and mesh generation, lighting and shading, ray-tracing, a hierarchical scene-graph and motion description language, and tooling to create scenes and animations.

Recommending Charitable Action In Response to News
Recommendation system to match news stories with relevant opportunities for donation or volunteering. Text parsing, stemming, part-of-speech tagging. Cosine similarity. Bayesian inference to parse news article text from raw HTML. Prototype helped secure a round of angel funding.



  • 2013

    • A Latent Source Model for Nonparametric Time Series Classification. With George H. Chen and Devavrat Shah. Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2013. (to appear)


  • 2013

    • Implicit Information Diffusion Networks on Twitter. INFORMS 2013. Session on Models of Information Diffusion in Social Networks. (Invited)


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