Do Something That Moves You

Before I die, I want to use my skills and talents to help make people’s lives better. I am privileged to have a lot of opportunities to do so.  So what do I do?

A friend of mine who is in law school and volunteers as a legal aide told me a story about a woman she had helped on a case. Over the course of many months and sessions she listened to the woman’s stories of a harsh life filled with pain and abuse. I forget the exact details. Perhaps it was an immigration case. Perhaps she was in danger of losing her home. It doesn’t really matter. When my friend found out that the woman’s case had finally been resolved positively, she was moved to tears. She had helped turn someone’s life around.

Suppose I had the following test every few years from now on. Take whatever I’m making at the moment and talk to a person that it affects. Is their life better for it? When I talk to them, and they tell me about how their life has changed because of what I’m making, does it move me?

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